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My first food memories began at my parents grocery store watching my mom in the deli and my dad participate in the annual Ennis Hunter's Feed where local businesses competed for the best wild game dish - things like rattlesnake chili and bacon-wrapped duck (before that was cool) were things that stuck with a kid.


Growing up in a place like Ennis makes you feel a sense of place, and it wasn't until I began to travel that I started to understand what it means to be from somewhere. This made me focus on utilizing traditional ingredients from the Rocky Mountain & Northern Plains regions, embracing the hunter-gatherer culture that allowed people to inhabit these areas for thousands of years and introducing people to flavors and experiences that they have never had.


Off-Piste procures ingredients from Montana farmers, ranchers, foragers and producers whose dedication to sustainable agriculture assures us with a consistent supply of fresh and pure regional ingredients. 


We strive to make each event memorable and one of a kind whether it be a wedding, birthday, cooking class, rehearsal dinner or evening after skiing with family. All of our menus and events are inspired by the season and by you, so before we can give you a price we need to learn more about what you have in mind. Please send us an email with your thoughts and inquiries. We can also travel to many locations across Southwest Montana with a proper heads-up! Cheers!



Be proud of your roots, be proud of your home, be proud of your family & its culture. That's your inspiration


Respect ingredients along with the people & places that produce them


Do as little as possible to an ingredient when it's perfect & at its peak


Cook with soul-but first, get to know your soul


Eat with your hands as much as possible

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